We write Hot Planet Project and Patch on Tech, and freelance for other publications. Here’s an overview:

Hot Planet Project

Hot Planet Project is a blog about people, communities and projects. As climate change changes the world, people necessarily respond. Their responses — whether or not deliberate, well-intentioned or effective — are stories that hold a mirror to humanity as we head deeper into uncharted territory. Hot Planet Project is also a blog about actions. These are stories of people doing something, often with skill and ingenuity, and often in service of communities or the biosphere as a whole.

Patch on Tech

Patch on Tech is Kim’s practical take on technology. In this blog, she looks at what works, what doesn’t, and the all-important space where humans and technology come together.


We write about science, technology, public policy, public health, international aid, sustainable development, social movements and journalism. See Kim’s bio and Eric’s bio for details.